Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Turn the Crowd into a Nation

Organized and interdependent community is called society; our society reflects various colors in different shades of life – in natural disasters it looks generous, in praising it seems self-centered, in need of making a queue it seems impatient, in matters of wealth and property it looks materialistic, in representing own culture it lacks confidence, in promoting personalities its media chooses actors of other nations, in dealings it depends on foreign language, and in following norms it is after West hence, exhibit an impression of inferiority complex.

Art and science of government is politics whereas politics in our society has been a sport with no rules besides dishonesty and mud slinging. Therefore, an honest man cannot think of politics because of the fear of being played by the opportunist hence a silent majority is being formed in the society. What impression does this expose on young people?

In our country, politics is second to entertainment though some call it dirty game but those who have been in power try to justify that they are public servants because public has elected them. In the whole scenario of election and representation, take a moment and focus on students, how and what role they play in politics.

On thinking about students in politics, image of young men wrapped in flags with stickers on shirts, holding banners-placards shouting slogans, running on roads - riding bikes flashes across ones mind. Their energy and enthusiasm is commendable but there is lack of discipline, patience and ideology because they are in politics of a society, which lack these as violence is being exercised in daily life.

A student in politics knows how to make preparations for protest, riot and convention whereas s/he is not clear whether s/he is supporting a candidate on basis of his/her political stance or character, supporting a party for it’s leadership, manifesto and/or social development programs. This depicts generation(s) being prepared for the future.

The lifeblood of this movement (for justice) is young-guns, who need to comprehend an approach towards looking at society to scrutinize it for bringing change - influence others through individual act(s). Perception is to be induced in them to consider ideological factors beside aspects of activism only.

In their struggle for justice, convey that the flag they carry in processions symbolizes progress (white crescent), light and knowledge (white five-pointed star), Muslim religion (green), and revolution (red). First step can be taken by adding the text in pamphlets, brochures, membership tickets, stickers, on web site and social media.

Turn the crowd into a nation aware of what they are standing for, below the flag of Tehreek-e-Insaf.

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